How to Maintain Your Patio

How to Maintain Your Patio

Every patio needs a bit of TLC. No matter what type of paving you have – slabs, shingle, concrete or something else – maintenance is needed to ensure your patio looks its best throughout the year.

Patio maintenance doesn’t have to be a big job either, as keeping on top of it regularly can help avoid a dirty, overgrown area. As soon as you stop looking after your patio – such as in the winter when you don’t want to go out in the cold – the harder it is to get it looking great again.

Why Patio Maintenance is Important

Over time, you’ll find that weeds, moss, algae and lichen can build up on your patio. Not only does this leave it looking a bit tired, but it can also mean that your slabs get incredibly slippery. This can make going out in your garden or walking on your path hazardous, especially in wet weather.

You might also find that your patio starts to look stained, whether this is because of dirt, oil or something else. If you’ve spent time and money creating your perfect patio, this can be incredibly frustrating.

Luckily, you can help avoid these situations with a few techniques.

Brush Your Patio Regularly

Using an outside brush with stiff bristles to brush over your patio on a regular basis can help to get rid of any dirt that is sitting on the surface. Not only can this help your patio look cleaner, but it can clear away debris that seeds could germinate in, cutting down on weeds.

You’ll also find that brushing your patio is all it takes to break off small, less-established weeds that may only have started sprouting. This can stop their roots from working their way in between your paving slabs, making the weeds harder to get rid of.

Brushing will also help keep your patio looking tidier, even if it is affected by stains or ingrained dirt.

Get Rid of Weeds

If you haven’t brushed your patio for a while, you might find that weeds have taken root and started taking over. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a weed can shoot up, so even a couple of weeks away on holiday could leave your patio in need of weeding.

When weeding your patio, make sure you pull out as much of the root as possible to stop regrowth. If you find that you get a lot of weeds, you might want to use a weed killer to make sure the roots are destroyed as well.

It’s worth looking at whether a weed killer is contact – meaning it will be faster acting – or systemic, so it goes right down to the root. You should also try and use a weed killer that isn’t harmful to bees and other wildlife.

Unfortunately, one weeding session isn’t going to cut it and leave you totally weed-free. This is something you’ll need to keep on top of regularly, just like brushing.

Give Your Patio a Good Clean

If your patio has been neglected for a while, you may find that brushing and weeding aren’t enough to bring it back to life. Once dirt has been allowed to build up over time, it will need to be properly washed away to refresh your patio.

If your patio doesn’t look too bad, you might find that brushing over some soapy water is enough to help brighten it up. Simple washing-up liquid is a good option, otherwise, you’ll want an acid-free cleaning solution that won’t react with concrete or stone.

All you have to do then is pour water over a small section of your patio and scrub it with your brush to loosen any dirt. Once you’ve worked your way around the entire patio, simply rinse it down with clean water and make sure the water goes down a drain or is allowed to dry.

While this is a great DIY solution to cleaning your patio, it can take a lot of time and effort. It’s also not the best option if your patio is incredibly dirty, has stains or has moss, algae or lichen growing on it. For these situations, you’ll need a deeper clean, like a pressure washer.

This is where we come in!

Our driveway and patio cleaning services can help transform any patio or pathway, no matter how dirty it is. We use powerful pressure cleaning technology to refresh your patios, driveways, paths, decking and other paved areas quickly and efficiently, without the risk of damage

As well as being thorough, our cleaning services save you time and effort so you can simply enjoy having a refreshed patio.

Seal Your Patio

Once your patio has been thoroughly cleaned and is looking its best, you might want to consider sealing it. Patios tend to look great when they are first laid and for a few years afterwards. However, if you’ve used patio slabs, these tend to be fairly porous, so they can absorb a lot of water.

This can mean they start to look old and moss and algae are better able to grow over time. You can avoid this by using a patio sealer to stop the slabs from absorbing water and anything else that gets spilt on them – like oil.

While the sealer won’t last forever – and you’ll need to check which one is suitable for your patio – it can help look after them for several years and make maintenance much easier.

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